DJ BOOSHANK - Silky Swallow

I'm about to take off for a couple of months on a noodle fuelled, Communist supporting, machine gun themed trip through the jungle so you won't be hearing much from me until February.

I did this mix as a thank you to the awesome dudes at The Late Show for indulging my Sunday morning sunrise dance-floor fantasies over winter.

DJ BOOSHANK - Silky Swallow (November mix) (56 min, ~60mb)

1. Donna Summer - Melody of love (Wanna be loved) (Boss mix)
2. Linkwood - Electricity
3. Azari & III - Reckless with your love
4. Raze - Break 4 love (Spanish mix)
5. Adventures of Stevie V - Dirty cash (Sold out mix)
6. Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2 (Edit)
7. Precious System - The voice from planet love
8. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw cuts #1
9. Kerri Chandler - Bar a thym
10. Unit Moebius - Popcorn
11. Johnny D - Pako mana
12. Canyons - Dancing on silk


Do The Katie Couric

Just two days from retirement...

Here's a classic slice of Italian (but not Italo) disco about a show-biz horse who's had enough of Hollywood.

Roots' self-titled debut LP was originally released on Derby in 1979, and lovingly re-pressed early this year. Sherrif's horse is the standout cut on this one; the keys after the break do it for me every time.

Notice how the Bogart-impersonating horse pictured above perfectly complements the spoken-word into of this record?

Top shelf blogging...

Roots - Sheriff's horse [1979]

How to doo zat pt 2

Apologies for the qualities.


Get Dub


Here's something I've been working on for a while now, a dub of Paul Rutherford's "Get Real". I took out some of the vocals, added a breakdown and extended the outro.

divshare link:
nikki sarafian - get dub (short version)

zshare link:
nikki sarafian - get dub (short version)


What's happening?

Wheel Me Out has been on hiatus while I've been dealing with uni and my co-posters have been playing poker (edit: and eating soft cheese).

Back next week with some goodies to make up for our neglect...

PS: Wheel Me Out loves you!


Steam away

I recently picked up Paperclip People's all-thriller album The Secret Tapes of Dr Eich and can't stop listening to Steam, an interpretation of The Flying Lizards' Steam away from their 1981 album Fourth Wall.

There's allot more 'weight' in Carl Craig's version, but without losing the subtlety of the original. Both great records in their own right, and at the same time each offers something to the other.

The Flying Lizards - Steam away [1981]




Youth is an up and coming DJ/producer from Queensland who has been churning out some amazing cosmic-spacey-italo productions and mixes of late.

His wild spacey take on Gino Soccio's 'Dancer' is nothing short of breathtaking.

Featuring some of the best synth work I've heard this year this is definitely something you'll be hearing the wheelmeout dudes playing out.

Gino Soccio - Dancer (Youths Get Deeper Re-Rub)


What's happening?

M Division Recordings party this Tuesday @ Rooftop Bar (above Toff), Melbourne. $20 on the door.

Hanna (LIVE)
Hysteric (aka Miserablist)
Viva L'amore

If you're in Melbourne this Tuesday, and you haven't seen Inverto before, this is it! Support quality local music!

The after-party is at Toff, so all you need to do is fall down some stairs with a fiver in your hand and you're there.

Freedom of choice

I live in a tiny apartment and have some noisy neighbours. I make my fair share of noise too, but I like to think my racket is more 'appropriate' than my neighbour's. It's Sunday evening, I'm cooking dinner, and through the wall I've been hearing 140+ bpm muscle-trance for the last 2 hours.

I try to be humanitarian in these situations, I really do, but sometimes I wanna choke the guy.

If I didn't have records like Dexter Wansel's Life on Mars to roll out and chill my temper on nights like this, who knows, I might be blogging from a motel in outback Australia, on the run from the law due to a trance-related homicide. Probably wouldn't be the first.

Dexter Wansel - You can be what you wanna be [1976]