Don't let me be dubbed


So for the past week or so I've been Howard Hughes-ing it; growing my beard and fingernails, staying out of that sunlight and sterilizing everything I come in contact with multiple times.
The upside is I've been finishing up some edits and mixes, and memorizing entire episodes of Seinfeld.

Here's a saucy Latin Disco number, with some really strong instrumentation going on.

nikki sarafian - don't let me be dubbed




I wanted to share my favorite edits for 2009 with the wheelmeout faithful. Most can be heard on Jake Judd/Nikki Sarafian mixtapes or in our sets around town.

In fact all except one, "tout petit la planete" by Plastic Bertrand, the ink is drying on that one.

Now they can bounce around the net like beach balls at a nickelback concert.

From Jake

Webo - Magic moment (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Tyree - Cool house (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Sabu - We're gonna rock (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Plastic Bertrand - Tout petit la planete (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Black Kiss - Orgasm (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Klapto - Queen of the night (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Corey Daye - Green light (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Fantastique - Musica fantastica (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

Joakim - Ethnic instrument (Jake Judd Edit).mp3

The Shadows - Riders in the sky (Jake Judd Edit).mp3