tail break


italo edit featuring the sea and saxophones.
need i say more?

nikki sarafian - tail break




It means War Pigs in German

Kriegsschweine - Jake Judd.mp3


I can stop anytime I want, I swear.

It seems like every one of my DJ colleagues has made some sort of trip to the states in the last 12 months, and come back with stories of crates full of dollar records that would go for more than a tenner here in Melbourne. So what's a guy supposed to do? Do I not spend any money on records (or anything else) to get the airfare etc together, keep paying expensive Discogs freight, or keep getting scalped in stores? Answer: none of the above. It turns out that some amongst us have over the years amassed enormous hauls of wax, then gotten married and have decided to cash in on loved but unplayed vinyl. Buying from a collector has several benefits: they typically care for their records, will specialize in particular genres, and know their product enough to recommend bits you may have missed.

There's a couple of markets in Melbourne that are great for finding vinyl, but you'll probably end up seeing the same Barbra Streisand record 20 times before you find something interesting. There's always new stall holders at the weekly Sunday Camberwell market, so it's worth the early morning to have a look-see. Without a doubt though the best way to find good records in Melbourne is via Australian Record Fair. This site covers the various travelling record fairs currently opperating in Australia, so it makes for an indespensible vinyl-collection resource. The stalls at these larger fairs and markets seem to be run by more serious collectors, so you're almost garaunteed to find something intersting. These are guys who drive thousands of records halfway accross the country to set up shop for one day. That's love.

The next one of these vinyl orgies is happening at the end of October here in Melbourne, info here. See you there!


Re-quest line #1

Sunday 12th September 2010, 2:30am @ Lucky Coq, Melbourne.

Punter: "Hey mate, have you got any normal shit?"
Me: "Aah, what do you mean by 'normal shit'?"
Punter: "You know 'beep-b-b-beep-beep-beeeeep-b-b-beep' like in the other clubs..."
Me: "I don't think I do, sorry buddy"
Punter: "Nah that's alright"