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Mr Moonshine exclusive mix

Mr Moonshine, long time friend of WMO, kindly made time in his hectic DJing/producing/bar tending schedule to knock up an exclusive mix for us. I've been "smashing this in my ear holes" while working (read: not working) today, and I recommend you do the same yourself.

Mr Moonshine - Wheel Me Out Exclusive Mix



Theo Parrish - Soul Control

Soon come...


Nohelani Cypriano

I had my first swim at the beach in way too long today. Highly recommend.

I don't know who organised all the jelly-fish, but I'll be writing a letter to someone. Probably the Herald Sun.


Music & Lights exclusive mix

Paradise loft are a record collecting/punting outfit currently situated in Adelaide, represented on the 1s and 2s by Music & Lights. I met these friendly chaps at a record fair over winter, and I made them promise me a mix to post on the blog. I could bang about how nice these guys are, and how they're down for above all else good music, but the write up they sent my says it better than I ever could, which I've posted in the comments.

Oliver (one half of Music & Lights) did all he could to include some vocal stylings on the mix, but unfortunately his mic was busted on the day. Next time tiger.

Look out for more from Paradise Loft and Music & Lights on WMO in the future.

Music & Lights - Wheel Me Out Exclusive Mix
(33mb, ~35 mins)


good machine bad machine 11.10.10

make sure you head over to the gmbm page to hear the
set me and jerk recorded the other week, plus nhj doing his best alan partridge.

nikki sarafian and jake judd live on gmbm 11 10 10