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Free download code for one of the tracks on Legowelt's Nacho Patrol album on M Division!
Only available for 3 days (ending Saturday morning night at 09.59am)

Go to http://clone.nl/digital/
then copy paste this voucher code: 8613791190268252 in the promotions section (to be found in the sub navigation menu).


What's happening?


7-9 Peter Baker
9-11 Booshank
11-1 Ms Butt

Re-quest line #2

This time the shoe was on the other foot:

Punter (me): Hi mate, have you got any drinks left on your tab?
DJ: No, sorry mate, all gone. (A bit confused)
Punter (me): Bummer. Um, do you have any money you could give me so I could get a drink?
DJ: (Fishes around in his bag and hands me a fiver)
Punter (me): Right on...


Mixed Grill Cultural Sessions Launch Party - Sunday the 20th of March!

Me and Nikki are stoked to be part of the new sunday sessions at The Lounge each week. It's a bit of a flashback to how we got our start playing late night sets on Sundays at Lucky Coq.

Mixed Grill is a new ‘CULTURAL’ concept combining various aspects of street culture, Live performance, visual arts, and an all out Aussie BBQ. All to the sounds of a lazy Sunday afternoon soundtrack by some of Melbourne best DJs and acts.

Set Times

1pm – 2pm – Monkee (Twisted Audio)
2pm – 3pm – Obliveus
3pm – 4pm – Ides
4pm – 5pm – MJ (100% Phat)
5pm – 6.30pm – Kodiak Kid (Mixed Messages)
6.30pm – 7.30pm - Citizen.com + Matty Blades
7.30pm – 8.30pm – Jake Judd + Nikki Sarafian
8.30pm - 10pm – Flip + D-Stract (Rock Like This)

Here is a track I put together for Mixed Grill. It's the first track on my soundcloud page.




Psychdisco dub

nikki sarafian - outie