There's a party comming up at Reveolver Upstairs to launch the first ever Revolver artist compilation. My debut release is on said compilation, so I'm camping in trouser-tent country until then.

Get all the info you need over here.


World Record Store Day - Sat 16th April

On Saturday celebrate one of the great things about this stinky city called Melbourne - decent reord stores selling decent music. If you think these guys do it purely for the love, think again.

There's loads happening about the place; here's my picks of the bunch:

Wax Museum Records - Live music and DJs 11am - 5pm
Northside Records - The Firemen (aka The Bamboos) @ 2pm, Randa Khamis @ 4pm + Taco Truck
Polyester Records - Shitloads of special releases, live music & kids sporting iPhones
Missing Link - All manner of overdriven malarkey no doubt
Basement Discs - Crazy amounts of live music, and a Dave-Graney-&-friends-hosted quiz

If for whatever reason you read this and you don't live in Melbourne, get out and support your local vinyl-vendor. And no Bleep doesn't count as a record store, nor does Juno or any other digital flop-house.




Kinda brutal edit of a little known song by some kinda well knowns.

nikki sarafian - star

Best of Both Sides festival

Tonnes of easter fun on the horizon. More info to follow.

HiFi for the Eyes



The good folks over at The Late Show blog have kindly posted an hour of a DJ set I played last weekend for their always entertaining weekly Saturday night at Revolver Upstairs: The Late Show.

Click here to go get it


What's happening?

This Saturday night WMO DJs Jake Judd, Nikki Sarafian, and myself play a special 'end of daylight saving' edition of The Late Show at Revovler Upstairs. Why so special? Well, half way through Phil Ransom's set the whole club travels back in time one hour meaning that you, the punter, get a bonus hour of on-pointedness from Melbourne's finest.

And as always South Side Hustle is happening at Lucky Coq. This week regular but by no means 'regular' guests Juni Masayama (Bear Funk) and Disco Harry join residents Peter Baker and myself for 6 hours of top shelf disco, afro, house, etc. Get down between 7 and 11pm for a $4 pizza that will change the way you think about a pocket full of coins.