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I just finished a mix for the strapping gents over at The Late Show blog (which you should by now be well familiar).

Put THAT in your milk.



Friday 29th at The Windsor Castle


Paul Booshank this week. Maybe with vinyl. Definitely with awesome.

Listen to his latest edit. Get excited.

See you Friday...


bizarro fucked

80s mix made with no shirt and some painkillers. No tracklisting cos really if you dont know these songs dont even bother...

nikki sarafian - bizarro fucked by nikki sarafian


Friday 8th at The Windsor Castle


Cue incredibly intimidating bio...


Paz is the master of fiesta to siesta, and the big daddy bear of the Tardis. As a Dj / producer for over 15 years, he always knows where it’s at. Paz has recently added Guarachero to the tons of tropical and tribal sounds in his bag and it is his current endeavor to drop tropical heat that has labeled him the “El Nino” of Australian clubs.

In Melbourne clubs and bars, Paz is known best in the cage of Revolver Upstairs and its famous Saturday night party ‘The Late Show’ keeping club music fun, original, cynical, healthy, retro and upfront. As a producer he can be heard bouncing club heat and remixes for T-Rek, Harmon, Inverto, Scattermish, Psyde Projects. Under the non-de-plumes like Pelako or Pharoah Zap you can hear disco edits, boom bap hip hop and even some Balearic downbeat.

Paz’s Business Music articles in SPA streetpress magazine are a streetwise music aficionado institution. They define new genres, dance moves and downloading you should be doing right now.

With many festivals and events under his belt, including Big Day Out, Vibes on a Summers Day, Halcyon Knights, 33 1/3 and Meredith Music Festival.

Paz has supported numerous international artists including Dj Krush (JPN), Scottie B (US), South Rakkas Crew (US), EDU K (SA), Fake Blood (UK), Sinden (UK), Metro Area (US), Tittsworth (US), Dj Craze (US), Freestylers (UK) as well as local talent like Architecure In Helsinki, Dexter, T-Rek, Phil Ransom, and Boogs.

paz mixes

...and as usual, here's another edit from me:

nikki sarafian - dyin' to get off

See you friday!


Boiling Buddha


Jake says its my best work, but we all know how wrong he can be...

nikki sarafian - boiling buddha by nikki sarafian