DJ Ransom played at the 'Roof to Reel' party at Curtain House a couple of weeks back, and as the name of the event suggests his set was committed to tape. Well, not tape, but something like it. (Burnt straight to laser-disc, transferred to mini-disc, then imported into i-Tunes).


skudge presents

The next couple of installments on Skudge Presents promise to be dope. More dance-floor oriented than previous releases on the label, but with the same attention to sonic detail that you would expect. Cop a feel here, then add them to your want list.

PREVIEW B2. Aardvarck ''Tengenan'' (SKUDGE-PT003) by Skudge
PREVIEW A1. October ''Push'' (SKUDGE-PT004) by Skudge


I choo-choo choose you!


Next Thursday Jake and I are playing a dinner set in The Toff Carriage from 7-11, opening for Dj Prequel & Edd Fisher at Midnight Express.
Needless to say we are pretty excited, as the toff carriage is one of our favourite spots, and Jamie & Edds love of all things downtempo, eclectic and jazzy is inspiring us to plunder the depths of our harddrives for something special and unique.

Here is a dub I just cut up for the occasion:


four until brunch

"four until brunch" is the is the name of an upcoming mixtape put together by myself and nikki sarafian for onesixone.

"four until brunch" is the set we play every week at onesixone on sunday mornings.

"four until brunch" will have its launch at onesixone on march 17th from four until brunch.

here is a taste